Project Description

Williams Architects conducted a Planning and Conceptual Design study for renovations and additions to the existing City of Wood Dale Public Works Facility. The existing facility has been in operation by the City for 33 years. The City recently purchased a site immediately north of the existing Public Works facility, which contains a one-story office building and a significant site to the west. The purpose of the study was to determine the needs for the Public Works Department for the next 20 years and develop several options to provide the needed building and site amenities.

This study determined that, if building new, a total of 75,900 SF would be required, including staff spaces, shops and storage areas, and garage space to house their entire fleet under one roof. With careful planning and adaptive reuse of the two existing buildings, the resulting project requires only 32,500 SF of new construction, with the remaining spaces created from renovations to the existing buildings. The preferred Conceptual Design plan was based on this methodology, and the project was constructed in two phases to allow the staff to remain on-site while the renovations and the new building was built, and then moved into those spaces while the existing building was renovated.

The new facility includes administration spaces, a locker room with private individual changing and shower areas, a multi-purpose room, crew shop areas, fleet maintenance, heated vehicle storage and a wash bay. Exterior spaces include material storage bins, an outdoor dining area for staff, and connectivity to the building to the east.

YEAR: 2023


Addition: 32,500 SQ FT

Renovation: 43,400 SQ FT


  • Administration Spaces
  • Locker Room – Private Changing and Shower Areas
  • Multi-Purpose Room
  • Crew Shop Areas
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Heated Vehicle Storage
  • Wash Bay
  • Exterior Material Storage Bins
  • Outdoor Dining Area
  • Connectivity to East Building


  • Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Basic A&E Services