As a full-service architecture firm established more than 50 years ago, Williams Architects has built a solid reputation and assembled a dedicated, skilled team of architects and technical support staff. Our firm is ready to take on new design challenges in order to achieve creative, cogent and inspired facility solutions.

Well positioned to extend its creative vision into the future, Williams Architects offers outstanding service to a range of clients in recreation, municipal, library, golf clubhouse, religious and other markets. The award-winning projects Williams Architects has designed and the client references we inspire are a testament to our success.

Firm History

Williams Architects, originally established in 1974 and re-organized on 1994, has become a recognized leader in professional architectural design. For 50+ years, Williams Architects has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the requirements for successful architectural design by developing innovative design solutions that incorporate the components necessary while introducing the most cutting edge technology to the final design. With our firm serving a range of clients as diverse as our projects and our senior management remaining personally involved throughout all phases of each project, Williams Architects brings more than 125 years of combined hands-on experience to every development.

Our Mission

Recreation Architecture - CSPD FountainView Grand Opening

CSPD FountainView Grand Opening

Williams Architects Mission is to create exceptional design solutions to inspire the way people live, learn, heal, work and play through the creative blending of human needs, environmental stewardship, functional value, science and art that embodies the spirit of architecture.

Design Philosophy

Park Architecture - Barrington Citizens Park

Barrington Citizens Park

As a client orientated architectural firm, Williams Architects Philosophy expresses a commitment to serving our client with inspired architectural designs that emphasize economy and efficiency, beauty and order, durability and imagination, and of a visual project identity that reflects our client’s personality.

We understand the importance of seeking a creative and skilled professional team that demonstrates a high level of responsiveness, attention to cost control, solid project management and personal service. We believe our firm applies all of these characteristics in executing projects; resulting in facilities that are functional, cost effective, and aesthetically appealing.

Sustainable Design

Recreation Architecture - MCCD Lost Valley Visitor Center

MCCD Lost Valley Visitor Center

Williams Architects takes seriously our responsibility to help preserve the environment. We are committed to designing buildings that use materials, energy and water efficiently, and which focus on indoor air quality. We embrace the principles outlined by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System®. Our on-staff LEED Accredited Professionals have demonstrated an understanding of the principles of green architecture, and our firm recognizes the following benefits achievable through sustainable design:

  • Extended durability
  • Safeguarding water supplies
  • Enhanced occupant comfort
  • Energy and water savings
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Revenue from recycling
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Elimination of waste and pollution
  • Preparation for future regulatory legislation
  • Positive public relations

We make use of advanced analytical and modeling tools, and a closely integrated, multidisciplinary design team to develop solutions marketed by optimized design and the achievement of budgetary goals. Focusing on water use, waste reduction and indoor air quality, we develop building design solutions and specify materials to support efforts to reduce or eliminate negative effects on the environment.

We believe that Quality | People | Service are at the core of every Project’s success.

Williams Architects is supported by a talented staff of professional that results in a Quality work product, including sustainable and collaborative design options tailored to meet our client’s project goals and objectives. We understand that People are the foundation for every project and our projects express a design that reflects and respects our clients’ personalities. With our affiliated companies, Williams Aquatics and Williams Interiors we offer an approach to projects that is based on providing clients with comprehensive professional Service offerings.