Project Description




43,000 sq ft


The design inspiration for Royal Melbourne Country Club began with the involvement of Greg Norman as a design consultant for the golf course. With the club’s name originating from Australia, an Australian theme seemed appropriate for the clubhouse. In our research, we found that traditional architecture in Australia has a Victorian influence with ornate, lacy detailing. Additionally, we placed importance in designing the clubhouse to have a comfortable home-like atmosphere. Using a traditional style not only provides a familiar and comfortable environment, but it fits nicely into the context of the surrounding neighborhood.

The exterior details were carefully created to be in scale with the size of the building. The lower level, visible on the rear side of the building, was designed using substantial materials including exposed concrete and limestone with granite accenting to provide a strong, solid base for the more intricate upper level. Detailing for the upper level involves crown moldings, wood columns, pergola structures and wood shingle siding, all “light-feeling” materials to create a graceful, stylized Victorian design.

Floor plans were developed to easily allow members to move through the clubhouse to their destinations. At the same time, we wanted to promote member interaction where circulation paths intersect; corridors become more than just corridors.

Master Plan / Feasibility Study
Basic A&E Design Services
Construction Administration