Project Description


Over the past forty years, there had been multiple previous efforts to develop a community recreation center in Upper Arlington. These efforts were not successful due to a lack of public support, as shown by multiple failed tax levies. In the statistically valid survey associated with the 2018 Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan, there was considerable public support for an Indoor Recreation / Community Gathering Center that services all ages and segments of the population.

Because our team, which was led by PROS Consulting, worked very closely with the Upper Arlington Parks and Recreation Department to prepare the 2018 Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan, we were chosen to conduct a feasibility study. We are providing our services in a 2-step approach, Initial Feasibility Study Evaluation and Development Of Feasibility Study Services, whereby the City of Upper Arlington has the option, at the completion of Step 1, to continue on with Step 2 services, or if the public does not support the project, end the Feasibility Study at the completion of Step 1.




  • Feasibility Study